Fishing in the Adriatic sea with Captain Mauro

in Jesolo

Captain Mauro, after a life spent at sea, as a fisherman, makes available not only his passion and boundless experience in fishing, but also his knowledge of the wonderful and unknown places, of all the navigable and non-navigable canals, of the coasts of the upper Adriatic and the Venetian Lagoon. With his beloved Albert-One, spacious and fast, fully equipped for all types of fishing, he will guide you on exciting fishing trips, or accompany you to discover the most beautiful places, off the beaten track.

Fishing trips and fishing schools for the whole family. Captain Mauro with his long experience as a fisherman, can teach his students all the secrets of the techniques and equipment, of the places of fishing and of the characteristics of our marine creatures. With Pursuit 3370 Professional Offshore Fishing.

Outings and fishing trips for experts up to tuna fishing, the most exciting and adrenaline-pumping. Boat fully equipped with tackle and lures. With Pursuit 3370 Professional Offshore Fishing.

Harbor and coastal fishing, trolling, leeway, bottom fishing, jigging, drifting and tuna spinning, night fishing also with sharks.

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